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Ph.D. Yale University, 1978

Electronic Materials

Charles Tu was a Lecturer in the Yale Physics department from 1978-1980. From 1980-1988, he was a member of the technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J. In 1988 he joined the faculty of UC San Diego.

Current Research

Gas-source molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of III-V compound semiconductors heterostructures for electronic and optoelectronic applications. He set up two of the first three or four gas-source MBE systems in U.S. universities. With these systems, his group is able to advance the capability of MBE into arsenide/phosphide/nitride-based heterostructures and selective-area regrowth on patterned-and-etched substrates to improve device performance.  Currently his research focus is on a new class of semiconductors, dilute nitrides, for optoelectronic applications.

Honors and Distinctions

       Associate Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering (2004-present)

       Chairman, ECE Department (1999-2003)

         Pan Wen-Yuan Foundation Outstanding Research Award, Taiwan (2009)

         Distinguished Professor, ECE Department (2007-present)

         Engineering Educator of the Year, San Diego County Engineering Council (2006)

         Asian Heritage Award on Science, Technology & Research, Asia Journal (2005)

       Fellow of the AVS Science and Technology Society (2004)

       Fellow of the American Physical Society (2002)

       Fellow of the IEEE (2002)

       Ranked no. 613 Most Cited Physicist (among 500,000 authors) between 1981 and June 1997 by the Institute of Scientific Information (1997)

       Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences Fellowship (1997)

       Adjunct Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea (1995-present)

       Visiting Professor, Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (Winter 2005)

       NSF-Japan Center for Global Partnership Fellowship (1993-1995)

       United Nations Development Program Award for a lecture tour in China (1991)

       Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs (1987)

       Exceptional Contribution Award, AT&T Bell Labs (1985, 1986, 1987)

       Horace Watson Gold Medal in Physics, McGill University (1971)

Selected Publications

More than 370 journal papers and more than 100 conference proceeding papers.

         I.A. Buyanova, W.M. Chen, and C.W. Tu, Optical and electronic properties of GaInNP alloys - a new material system for lattice matching to GaAs, Physica Status Solidi A, Vol. 205 (January 2008), pp. 101-106.

         J. Chamings, S. Ahmed, S.J. Sweeney, V.A. Odnoblyudov, and C.W. Tu, Physical properties and efficiency of GaNP light emitting diodes, Applies Physics Letters, Vol. 92, No. 2, Article No. 021101 (14 January 2008).

         S. Suraprapapich, S. Panyakeow, and C.W. Tu, Effect of arsenic species on the formation of (Ga)InAs nanostructures after partial capping and regrowth, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 90, No. 18, Article No. 183112 (30 April 2007).

         V.A. Odnoblyudov and C.W. Tu, Growth and fabrication of InGaNP-based yellow-red light emitting diodes, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 89, No. 19, Article 191107 (6 November 2006).

         C.W. Tu, W.M. Chen, I.A. Buyanova,, and J. Hwang, Material properties of dilute nitrides: Ga(In)NAs and Ga(In)NP,Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 288, No. 1 (February 2006), pp. 7-11.

         Y.G. Hong, A. Nishikawa, and C.W. Tu, Effect of nitrogen on the optical and transport properties of Ga0.48In0.52NyP1-y grown on GaAs(001) substrates, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 83, No. 26 (December 2003), pp. 5446-5448.