Final Paper Preparation and Submission Instructions

Note: If after reading all instructions, you still have questions, please contact Kathy Preas at NOCS09 should be included on all email subject lines.

1: Formatting Instructions

Please format your final paper as a PDF file in the IEEE Computer Society 8.5"x11" two-column format (same as the submission format). Regular papers can be up to 10 pages long, short papers can be up to 6 pages long, and posters can only be 1 page long.

If you are using Latex, you can use this template (available as a zip archive).

If you are using Word, you can use this template.

More information can be found at the IEEE Computer Society conference publishing service website.

2: Important Deadlines

PAPER DEADLINE: Final paper is due by April 6, 2009. There is a very tight schedule for preparing the CD-ROM proceedings, and there will be NO time extensions given!!

COPYRIGHT DEADLINE: A signed copyright release form is also due by April 6, 2009.

3: PDF eXpress™ Online File Conversion/PDF Validation Tool

All papers will be available on the IEEE Xplore digital library. This requires that all papers submitted for publication must meet the IEEE standards.

Access to PDF eXpress™, the IEEE's online file conversion/PDF validation tool, will assist authors in preparing suitable electronic files of their final papers. PDF eXpress™ helps authors convert their papers into IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF files (conversion function) or to check their own PDF files for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF validation function).

After using PDF eXpress™, you will still need to submit the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file of your final paper later in this publication submission process (see STEP 6).

3.1) If you would like to create your own PDF file, please change the setting on your PDF distiller to insure your paper meets IEEE PDF specifications. Basic PDF distiller settings MUST be changed to:

Acrobat 5.0 compatibility,
ALL graphics at least 300 dpi resolution (higher if preferred),
ALL fonts MUST be embedded and subset,
Postscript settings DO NOT override distiller settings,
Page size is 612.0 x 792.0 points

IMPORTANT: Authors must check their final PDF files before submission to verify that all fonts have been properly embedded and subset. Some font manufacturers now flag their fonts to not embed. These fonts must be avoided.

3.2) If you would like to submit your source file to PDF eXpress™ for conversion and validation, PDF eXpress™ converts the following file types to PDF:

Microsoft Word
Word Pro
Rich Text Format
(La)TeX (DVI and all support files required)*

* For documents created in formats that do not embed source files, include all support files with the final manuscript in a compressed archive for submission. If it is possible to embed images in the source document, you should do so to avoid potential issues, such as missing graphics.

3.3) PDF eXpress™ will be available for use on March 13, 2009.

Go to and follow the instructions.
Conference ID: nocs09x

4: Renaming your PDF File for Submission

The certified acceptable file you receive from PDF eXpress™ will be given a filename in the form PID123456.pdf. You should rename this exact file to conform to the following naming convention: lastname-paperID.pdf, where lastname is the last name of the first author, and paperID is the paper ID assigned to the submission.

Please also name your approval email from PDF eXpress™ using the convention lastname-paperID.txt.

5: Submitting a Copyright Release Form

All authors have to submit the copyright of their papers to IEEE in order to have their papers included in the NOCS program and CD-ROM proceedings. The authors must obtain all clearances related to the publication. You can download the copyright form from the IEEE Copyright Form web page.

This copyright release form MUST be COMPLETED when you are submitting your paper.

Please note that you are stating that the material in your paper is original and you have not previously released copyright for this paper to another party. We cannot publish your paper without this properly completed form.

The signed IEEE copyright form should be submitted by fax to Fax: 650-812-4822. The fax cover page should say "ATTN: Preas". A scanned copy of the copyright form can also be sent by email to Kathy Preas at

STEP 6: Final Paper PDF File Submission

Submit your PDF-eXpress™ approved PDF file and the approval email you received from PDF-eXpress™ (as a .txt file) to:

You will receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt of your file. Do not be alarmed if there is a discrepancy between the size of the file you submitted and the size of the file in the email -- there is often a variation.

Please do not submit multiple versions of the same file. If you do not receive email confirmation in a reasonable amount of time, then and only then resubmit.