Group Mission

We are dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach towards research that bridges the areas of nanoscale photonics, nanostructured materials, and plasmonics as well as their potential applications in optoelectronics and the biological sciences. The research topics transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines and are typically a combination of fundamental science exploration, engineering design and optimization, device fabrication and characterization, and various applications.

Recent News

Joe's first paper on LPSIM was published in Nanoscale (Apr. 2014)

Lorenzo's first paper on emission enhancement inside hyperbolic metamaterials was published in Optics Express (Feb. 2014)

Our recent work published on Nature Nanotechnology is highlighted on Jacobs School News (Jan. 2014)

Congratulations to Feifei who successfully defended her Thesis! (Jan. 2014)

We demonstrated spontaneous emission enhancement with hyperbolic metamaterials in Nature Nanotechnology (Jan. 2014)

Prof. Liu received the DARPA Young Faculty Award 2013 (Aug. 2013)

Congratulations to Justin who successfully defended his Thesis! (May 2013)

Congratulations to Dylan who passed his Qualifying Exam! (May 2013)

Prof. Liu received the ONR Young Investigator Award (Apr. 2013)

Weiwei's work on dispersion in compound plasmonic lenses was published in Optics Communications (Feb. 2013)

Our review paper on super resolution hyperlenses and metalenses was published in Nature Communications (Nov. 2012)

Organic LED based plasmonic dark-field microscopy was experimentally demonstrated Opt. Lett. (Oct. 2012)